Golden Gate Binder Products LLC

For over 35 years, our team has been specializing in binder and portfolio products in the entire state of Utah, and any surrounding state. Our team can produce, but are not limited to, custom and stock binders, product packaging, menu covers, room guides, custom index tabs, and folders. From locals to top 500 companies in America, our team can serve all. Call us anytime to learn more about how we can customize any of our services to meet all your needs or demands. We look forward to speaking and working with you soon.

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Hear What Others Have to Say

" I have used the services of Golden Gate Binder company twice, but for three different projects. I was tasked to produce some professional-looking in-room directories for a hotel my company manages- and I had no idea where to go. I wanted to get a good deal, and didn't need to go through a "promotional hospitality industry" place. I just wanted to be straight-up with someone who could deliver me a quality product. I also wanted to support a local business. Not only were my binders professional- my custom design with nickel rings, beautiful faux leather with an engraved logo (I was easily able to provide) they were on time AND I got a fair price. That made my manager happy.

Since George (President, Proprietor) was so helpful, and such a pleasure to work with, I decided to turn to him for some professional looking-laminated environmental cards I produced in-house (gotta save on those precious marketing $$!! ) and he was able to give me a quick turn-around, AWESOME deal, and distribute to my properties who needed them.

I recommend GG Binder for all sorts of paper, printing, lamination, index tab producing, and custom binder projects. I've been passing this company off to other hospitality industry/ restauranting friends as well. Say hi to George for me! You'll be glad you chose GG Binder for your project."

Glansande J.